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Friends of Adventure is keen to provide extra value as a special thanks to our sponsors.

Every sponsor who can provide some content will have their very own page devoted to their business. Pictures, logo, promotions, news etc.

You will also receive a free customized badge like those on the right. These appear in the Home page sidebar and all Archive pages under the Blog. Clicking this badge will bring visitors to your Sponsor Page or to your main website if you haven’t sent us any details yet.

You can brag about your achievements and products plus anything you like really.

What we would really appreciate is a paragraph in your own words describing why you chose to sponsor FOA. For example, tell a story about shared values etc and mention specifics. Once everything is in place we will reward that effort by giving your business a plug in our newsletter.

For ideas on what to do and information to provide you can check out these sponsor pages below.

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