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Caving Intro 2013

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2 Responses to Caving Intro 2013

  1. Rhiannan says:

    Hey Markus,

    Thanks so much for an awesome weekend of caving! I had a great time.

    Loved all the caves, especially Dingo’s because of all the crawl throughs and climbing.

    The abseil into Bride’s cave was really good and the prusik back up wasn’t too bad either…..

    Looking forward to your next camping adventure! See you at the vertical rescue in a few weeks.

    Thanks, Rhiannan

  2. Markus says:

    On behalf of Sarah and myself I want to thank you all for allowing us to once again share our love and enjoyment of another outdoor activity we just love doing. Stay tuned for our next outdoor challenge that will be on offer in August 2013.
    Yours in adventuring.
    Markus & Sarah

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Caving Intro 2013

Cold mornings did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of these crazy cavers. A belly crawl into Block Cave on Saturday morning lead to some interesting formations. Even big Ian managed to squeeze through the wombat hole of an entry. Lunch and then off to abseil at Bride's Cave. The Cert 2's from Fairbridge had already set up the rigs so before long we spidered our way down into this collapsed cave. Views were great but with such a large group it took ages to get everybody back up. It was pitch black before the last person was hauled to the top.

That night only the hardy heeded the call to go night caving. The smart ones opted for a glass of wine around the camp fire. Trying to find a hole in the ground in the middle of a forest at night is an adventure in itself. This time we abseiled down into Mill Cave and didn't get back to camp until 1:00 am.

Morning came around way too fast. Never the less we trooped over to Dingo Cave for another abseil descent and underground exploration. This cave offered lots of critters, scrambles and tight squeezes plus the stunning Christmas Tree crystal at the end. Most of us emerged bone weary but on a high from a fantastic weekend. Thankfully the Yahava Coffee House awaited to rejuvinate us before the drive back to Perth.