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This is a random selection of photos from all our events. Hover over an image to see its description.

Don't die on me yet
See, Nothing To It
Hey, look where you're going dad
Can't This Rope Go Any Faster?
Steady there, one at a time
See, This Is How You Do It
Thank goodness for gravity
Long way to the top
Nik Decending In A Crucificx
Mission Impossible - Cue Music
Liset has a Colgate moment
Hey, if the cap fits ...
She'll Be Runnin' Down The Mountain
Liz Gets Focused
Vertical rescue demo
It's Steeper Than It Looks
No Tea-Bagging Please
It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Click on any of the pictures above to view it full size in the photo gallery. We hope they inspire you to come and join us some time.