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I “adventured” with Markus and Sarah several times before they came up with the idea for Friends Of Adventure. Each time was more fun than the last. So when they approached me to build this website I was delighted to contribute.

As a web developer I spend long hours behind a computer. Being busy means I often look for excuses not to join them. But FOA’s goal is to make adventure activities affordable for everyone so mostly I end up going anyway.

The curious thing is, after a day or three of exertion in the wilderness I come back feeling fully rejuvenated. The first week back always feels like floating on air and I often do some of my best work then.

Below are a few more of my recent projects. You can click on the images to visit the websites.

My Sevices include …

  • Orginal website design
  • Search engine optimization and traffic
  • Coaching in web technologies
  • Programming and development

Phone Nik Peran on 0417 990 889 or send me an email

Website: HyperlinkStudio.com.au



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Can't This Rope Go Any Faster?
Can't This Go Faster?
Two Canoeist Floating By
Two Canoeist Floating By
You Bet I'll Be Back
You Bet I'll Be Back