To claim that this is the best professional development I have ever participated in is an understatement. Markus planned and delivered a training package that was rigorous, whilst attending to every detail which is imperative in this industry. His methodology was supportive yet challenging, to the point that I attained a proficiency well beyond what I previous thought I was capable of. Markus used multiple methods of delivery, adapting his style to suit various learning styles of the participants in the group. Markus was very generous with his time. The assistance provided extended beyond the formal hours of training. Markus made himself available for extra assistance on weekends and made numerous offers for participants to join in other opportunities through Friends of Adventure. His knowledge of the industry, skills and equipment is second to none.

Brendan Chapman February 2017


My love for the outdoors and the need to push myself physically and mentally saw me take up the challenge of completing a certificate IV in outdoor recreation – abseil instructor. FoA afforded me the flexibility of learning at my own pace, a blended learning environment (indoors, outdoors, natural and artificial environments) and the opportunity to learn from a number of instructors at any given time. There was also the luxury of maximising our learning during real time, organised abseil activities, courtesy of FoA clients and willing family and friends!

Having been involved in training in a variety of industries for over 25 years, I can testify that this is a proven recipe for success. I have no doubt I will continue to use my newfound skills wherever I travel, with the desire to continue learning, and now instructing, this great sport.

My thanks to Markus and Sarah for their time, patience and friendship.

-Evie Vanheck October 2015



“I approached Friends of Adventure because I was looking for training in the outdoor rec industry, specifically to improve my roping skills.

FOA helped me by offering a great program at a great price.

The result was me gaining more knowledge than I could have imagined and leaving with the relevant qualifications, but also and I feel most importantly a real confidence in my ability to setup and run roping activities and knowing full well that if anything out of the ordinary happened I have the ability to work quickly and effectively in a rescue situation.

One thing I liked was that you get the opportunity to run real groups in real situations throughout different environments around WA, which really builds confidence and hones your people skills and ability to work with groups.

I enjoyed working with the whole team, made some some great friends along the way and would recommend FOA to people who would like to gain some great skills in the outdoor recreation industry and have fun along the way.”

Josh Newton August 2015

Josh Newton



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