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Easter Camp 2017

Come with us for a long weekend getaway to the beautiful area of Margaret River.

Days filled with exciting adventures in the wilderness.

The camp package includes:

  • 3 nights of camping
  • Activities during the daytime focusing on Mountain Biking and Caving


Glenbrook Country Retreat

Set in a semi-rural/bushland setting Glenbrook is only 5kms south of the township of Margaret River, in the midst of the tourist attractions for which this corner of the world has become famous.

To get there continue south along the Bussell Hwy through Margaret River township until you come to Darch Rd, turn left, follow until you come to the Glenbrook sign turn right, keep the main building on your right and follow dirt road to the camping area.


Friday April 14th: (Good Friday): Everyone arrives at Glenbrook and gets set up and ready to adventure by 12pm. We then go on a mountain bike ride through state forest.

Saturday April 15th: Mountain biking at the adrenalin-filled Margaret River Pines bike park.

Sunday April 16th: (Easter Sunday): Abseiling into Brides Cave, one of the most unique caving and abseiling experiences in the Margaret River region.

Possible dinner at the Settlers Tavern tonight if people are interested.

Monday April 17th: (Easter Monday): Morning cave session, possibly at Dingo Cave. One of the more adventurous caves in the region that requires an abseil entry.

After the caving, everyone packs up and heads home.

What to bring:

Now for some important information about what to bring with you to the camp. Some of the activities require specific equipment to make your trip safe and enjoyable, so make sure you have everything you need.


We are tenting at the back of the property at Glenbrook Cottages just south of Margaret River. You can pitch your tents anywhere in the clearing as long as it’s not on an access track. There’s plenty of space for everyone. In the centre of the clearing there is a large covered gazebo that we will use as a common area, for eating/cooking/fireside stories etc. The camping area is not powered, so don’t bring anything that needs electricity. We will be firing up the generator at night to run some basic lights, but that’s it. There is power up at the toilet block which is a 50m walk from the campground. There is a camp kitchen with a fridge up at the toilet block that can be used to store some food, or you can bring eskies. Markus and I will be bringing our fridges that run on gas, but they will be very limited on space and will only be used to store our essentials like milk that we will need regularly. Markus is bringing a few gas cooktops that he will set up in the gazebo for communal use, or you can cook using the firepit hotplate.

You will need to bring:

All your camping requirements, such as tent, mattress, sleeping bag, camp chair, cooking utensils, cutlery, plates, etc.


Warm clothing – it can get cold there at night, quite a bit colder than Perth temperatures

All your food for the weekend. If you want to share that’s awesome, especially on the first night when we’ll all be a bit weary. We were thinking it would be nice to go into town and have dinner as a group at the Settlers Tavern on Sunday night. Please let me know what you think about this, as we’ll need to book it pretty soon. I expect it’ll be busy!

Mountain Biking:

We can hire mountain bikes and helmets on your behalf from a local store, or you can bring your own. If you need to hire a mountain bike let us know as soon as possible.

You will need to bring:

Comfortable clothing

Closed in footwear

Your own personal helmet if you don’t wish to use a hire helmet

Plenty of water – a Camelbak type hydration pack is a good idea, or a couple of drink bottles. The hire bikes have bottle holders

Backpack to carry your water and snacks


You will need to bring:

Headlamp or torch. If you have a torch we suggest putting it on a lanyard so you don’t have to always hold on to it. Headlamps tend to be easier if you have one.

Plenty of spare batteries – It’s good to carry a spare light source or spare batteries while in the cave

Long pants and long shirt – try to wear clothes that are hard wearing as rocks can be unforgiving to clothing. If you have a pair of overalls these are even better

Sturdy footwear such as hiking boots.

Plenty of water

 All our adventures are guided by fully qualified instructors; your safety always comes first.

Camp fees

  • Camping: $15 per person per night (total of $45 for entire camp)
  • Equipment usage for caving/abseiling activities: $25.00 per person
  • Mountain Bike Hire (from local bike shop): $50 per bike for 2 days of use
  • DPaW fees:        Caving: $5.80 per cave per person

Abseiling: $9.00 per site per person

Total cost for the camp is $120 per person if hiring all equipment (this does not include DPaW fees, which will need to be paid upon arrival)

Please note:

The first activity will start around 1pm on the 14th. We would like everyone to be on site and settled in by 12pm. If you are running late or unable to attend by 12pm, please ring Markus on 0417 099 003 and let us know.

 Payment Information:

All camp costs will need to be paid in advance to secure your spot on the camp. You will need to work out the cost based on what equipment you will need to hire.

DPaW fees for the use of the caving sites will be collected on arrival.

Banking details supplied on placement of booking.

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