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Easter Camp 2017

Posted in: Activities by on 28 December, 2016

Come with us for a long weekend getaway to the beautiful area of Margaret River. Days filled with exciting adventures in the wilderness. The camp package includes: 3 nights of camping Activities during the daytime focusing on Mountain Biking and Caving Location: Glenbrook Country Retreat Set in a semi-rural/bushland setting Glenbrook is only 5kms south […]


Vertical Rescue PD 2016

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 20 June, 2016
Almost there Jake

PD day at Fairbridge. A good group with mixed experience levels. Vertical Rescue training finalized 3 days of training for Cert IV in Abseiling. Everyone learned heaps. Even the seasoned warriors picked up a trick or two.

Stories told by some more experienced adventurers were great inspiration. Although I don’t think I’ll go ice climbing any time soon. Thanks Brad!

All kudos to young Jess who endured 3 days of knurly blokes. At the end she put on a great demonstration of inline vertical rescue. See photos. The rest of us followed just in time before mother nature opened up and dumped an almighty shower.


Mountain Biking Weekend 2016

Posted in: Activities by on 4 April, 2016

Newsflash • Newsflash • Newsflash Brace yourself for a fun packed weekend of tracks and stacks along Pemberton’s amazing mountain bike trails. Set amid beautiful forests near the famous Gloucester Tree, Friends of Adventure will be taking a group of 15 diehard mountain bikers for 3 days of mountain bike riding action from May 20 […]


Adventure Camp 2014

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 11 January, 2014
Julie showing top form

Lots of people meant plenty of great action shots and culling this group was tough. So many people had a good time. Adventure Camp this year started fast with a mountain bike ride around Margaret River and through the township. Saddle sore, half the group had no time to chill out as they clambered through Block Cave that evening.

The following day was canoeing with Steve and Corena managing to capsize their canoe not once but twice! Ryszard also experienced an accidental acquatic rhinoplasty. Hope it’s feeling better now mate. Canoe Volleyball was very ambitious this year. We’re hoping it will catch on as an Olympic sport. Twice as tired now, the second half got their chance to do the cave that night.

On the last day the closet rock climbers came out in force. Frances gave us her best Spiderman impersonation as she inched up the rock face. And with two other abseil runs going at the same time there were no excuses for anyone not to have a go. We even had Scott from the police SWAT help despatch people off the cliffs. With plenty of volunteers on hand everything went off without a hitch. To celebrate, many continued on to the Bootleg Brewery afterwards. Cheers to Markus and Sarah for another successful adventure!


Advanced Rescue Brides Cave 2013

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 18 August, 2013
Jerome's stretcher tying tips

A rainy week leading up to this weekend did nothing to dampen the spirits of our gang. A big group and multiple pitches meant there was something for everybody.

Matt experienced life as a stretcher test dummy for a while. Steve, Liz and Joanne updated their CPR quals thanks to Rob from Paraguard Training. Visisting alpine abseiler Jerome dazzled all by showing us how things were done the French way. And everyone else managed to learn some new knots or how to set up a pitch.

It was a full day that seemed over way too quick. Luckily the Settlers Tavern beckoned afterwards for a hearty meal and several new friendships were made. Massive and friendly support from the UWA Outdoor Club made this one of our most successful adventures yet.


Advanced Vertical Rescue 2013

Posted in: Activities by on 28 May, 2013
Just Hangin' Around

Vertical Rescue Training II This event adds to skills learned at Boya Quarry earlier this year. But have no fear. Even if you missed out on this occasion you can still join us for the next level up. In addition to prusiking you’ll also get a chance to practice stretcher hauling on a cliff face […]


Caving Intro 2013

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 27 May, 2013
Pass The Stalactite

Cold mornings did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of these crazy cavers. A belly crawl into Block Cave on Saturday morning lead to some interesting formations. Even big Ian managed to squeeze through the wombat hole of an entry. Lunch and then off to abseil at Bride’s Cave. The Cert 2’s from Fairbridge had already set up the rigs so before long we spidered our way down into this collapsed cave. Views were great but with such a large group it took ages to get everybody back up. It was pitch black before the last person was hauled to the top.

That night only the hardy heeded the call to go night caving. The smart ones opted for a glass of wine around the camp fire. Trying to find a hole in the ground in the middle of a forest at night is an adventure in itself. This time we abseiled down into Mill Cave and didn’t get back to camp until 1:00 am.

Morning came around way too fast. Never the less we trooped over to Dingo Cave for another abseil descent and underground exploration. This cave offered lots of critters, scrambles and tight squeezes plus the stunning Christmas Tree crystal at the end. Most of us emerged bone weary but on a high from a fantastic weekend. Thankfully the Yahava Coffee House awaited to rejuvinate us before the drive back to Perth.


Caving Weekend 2013

Posted in: Activities by on 6 April, 2013
Doris leads the way through an underground fissure

Introduction To Caving, Camping Weekend 2013. Already, there are only 7 places left for the caving so you might want to be quick and reserve a spot ASAP. We haven’t had a chance to work out all the details yet. But there is some preliminary information in the current newsletter. Otherwise you can flick off […]




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