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Abseiling At Wi16 And Wilyabrup 2011

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 2 March, 2012
Belayer Ready Down Below?

Practice makes perfect and Markus drilled us relentlessly long before we got anywhere near a cliff. Confident in our newly gained safety skills we none the less approached the drop off at Wi16 with adrenaline pumping. Little did we know that Wilyabrup was twice as high and over crashing surf. But that was yet to come. A few jumps later and most people’s fears were conquered. And by day’s end a thrilling time had been had by all. It’s really not that hard …


Blackwood River Canoe Trip 2011

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 22 February, 2012
Liz Shows Her Paddling Style

An “easy” 2 hour canoe paddle on the lower reaches of the Blackwood River. The current and breeze was with us at the start so we had little to do but enjoy the scenery as we floated on by. Later on the wind changed direction and a light shower made the trip a little more adventuresome. At least for some of us … Jacek somehow managed to snag a tow from a passing motorboat. And when it was over, the rest us city slickers still discovered muscles we never knew we had.


Nannup Cave 2011

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 21 February, 2012
Story Time

Night caving at it’s best. Nannup Cave proved nothing short of spectacular once we finally found it. Looking for a hole in the ground buried in a forest at night is not easy. But so worth it! Night time added to the atmosphere making the limestone formations seem twice as spooky. There was plenty of climbing and crawling to challenge the fitter ones. And two hours later we emerged exhausted but with grins all round. Night caving anyone? Bring it on!




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