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Calgardup Cave Poo-Shoot Survey

Posted in: Videos by on 5 April, 2013
Troy fascinated as Naomi becomes a Human Pretzel

Calgardup Cave is a part of the massive network of limestone caves occurring naturally in the Margaret River region. This is an easily accessible cave with several adventure opportunities. These include publicly accessible walkways, abseiling in through a solution pipe or scrambling through the deeper recesses if accompanied by a registered cave guide. Following a […]


Easter Camp Activities 2013

Posted in: Photo Gallery by on 2 April, 2013
Darren, Danielle, Saffron & Casey enjoy a family day out

A record attendance and great bunch of people made this camp the best adventure yet. Of course the warm temperatures and sunny weather every day helped too. Starting with the Island Game on arrival people got cosy very quickly. Then straight on to WI-16 for Abseil training and Golgotha Cave. With so many keen adventurers the group had to be split in two and swapped between the two activities. This meant the last abseiling group finished as the sun went down and Louisa descended in almost total blackness.

The next day witnessed a huge tutti-fruity flotilla of kayaks attacking the Blackwood River. The 14 km stretch from Great North Rd to Chapman Pool took nearly 5 hours but seemed to disappear much faster. Paddlers emerged a little weary but everyone completed the journey in good spirits. And why not? With cute little rapids to descend and pristine scenery along the way it was a day to remember.

A few even had energy left for some extra curricular night-caving in the evening. This took us deep into the bowels of Calgardup Cave. The twists and turns made human pretzels of us all. Nik even managed to film a short doco about the Poo Shoot and FOA-TV was born (stay tuned).

The last day’s abseiling at Willyabrup capped it all. Moderate conditions combined with a spectacular coastal landscape provided the perfect setting. Chloe almost psyched herself out but discovered inner strength after a tandem descent with Markus. Likewise with 10 year old Casey who was talked through his first time by Naomi. After that there was no stopping either of them. The long walk back to the top was hardly noticed and the only reason we packed up when we did was to be in time for our dinner booking at the pub.

Sadly all things must come to an end. Even adventuring in the best place on Earth. Until next time.


Newletter Issue 6

Posted in: Newsletters by on 2 February, 2013
Changing to another rope

Dear Fellow Adventurers, First, let me start by saying Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all our subscribers. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer and have been having lots of fun adventuring; FoA certainly has! From January 3rd to 7th FoA held its annual Margaret River Adventure Dance Camp. A fun time was […]


Easter Camp 2013

Posted in: Activities by on 7 January, 2013
Liset has a Colgate moment

Margaret River March 29th to April 1st, 2013 This event is now over Come with us for a long weekend getaway to the beautiful area of Margaret River. The days will be filled with exciting adventures in the wilderness. The camp package includes: 3 nights of camping Activities during the daytime including abseiling, kayaking and caving […]




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