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Here is a list of upcoming events being run by Friends of Adventure. If you wish to attend an event please send us an email via our Contact Us form. Indicate which event you wish to attend and we will get in touch with you with more details.

Many of these events can be used as part of your training to obtain a Unit of Competency from the Outdoor Recreation Training Package. If you wish to use these events for training purposes please let us know when you book to attend.

They can also be used as part of your assessment for a Unit of Competency from the Outdoor Recreation Training Package. If you want to be assessed while on a Friends of Adventure event you’ll need to be enrolled as a student with our Training affiliate Fairbridge Outdoor Recreation Department. Fairbridge Outdoor Recreation Department also offers its own training days for various Competencies from the Outdoor Recreation training Package. View their training calendar.

If you wish to enrol with Fairbridge so that you can be formally assessed while on Friends of Adventure events you need to follow the following procedure:

  1. Complete Fairbridge’s sign up forms
  2. Pay a 12 month $200 registration fee to become a Fairbridge student
  3. Fairbridge will notify FoA of your registration
  4. Notify Fairbridge which units you wish to complete
  5. Pay a $35 fee per Unit of Competency you wish to obtain
  6. Complete any assessment papers and submit any required evidence to Fairbridge
  7. Attend FoA programed days for practical training or assessments (You must notify FoA if you using our events for training or assessments)
  8. Attend Fairbridge’s training days when invited

Here is a List of FoA’s upcoming events. Check back here regularly for updates:

Date Event Venue/location Details
15th April 2022 Easter Adventure Camp Margaret River

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