Descent to Brides Cave

Descent to Brides Cave




Vertical Rescue Two 2013

A rainy week leading up to this weekend did nothing to dampen the spirits of our gang. A big group and multiple pitches meant there was something for everybody.

Matt experienced life as a stretcher test dummy for a while. Steve, Liz and Joanne updated their CPR quals thanks to Rob from Paraguard Training. Visisting alpine abseiler Jerome dazzled all by showing us how things were done the French way. And everyone else managed to learn some new knots or how to set up a pitch.

It was a full day that seemed over way too quick. Luckily the Settlers Tavern beckoned afterwards for a hearty meal and several new friendships were made. Massive and friendly support from the UWA Outdoor Club made this one of our most successful adventures yet.

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