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Adventure Camp 2016

General Information

Dates & Costs

Staying the nights of the 28th, 29th and 30th of December, departing December 31st 2016.

2016 Camp Cost Guide

Our Accommodation:

We have exclusive use of Glenbrook Country Retreat, Margaret River, for our December Adventure Camp 2016. Glenbrook is on Darch Road, south of Margaret River.

How to get there:

Travel to Margaret River and then continue south along the Bussell Hwy through the Margaret River township for 5km until you come to Darch Rd on your left, where the Watershed Winery turnoff is. Turn left onto Darch Rd, follow until you come to the Glenbrook sign on your right, which is just before the road turns to gravel. Turn into the Glenbrook property, follow the road and when you get to the fork take the right fork towards the buildings. You will see a large hall on the left and a parking area near the dorm rooms.

Once you’ve parked walk into the dorm area and ask for Markus, Sarah or Nik. We can direct you to your accommodation. Remember, first in best dressed so if you want your pick of rooms try to arrive by 11am. Rooms will only be accessible after 2pm because they are being vacated that morning by another camp group, but you can get dibs earlier.
If you get lost on your way to Glenbrook, please give us a call and we can direct you.

Sarah: 0419 903 770
Markus: 0417 099 003

The first activity (mountain biking) will start around 12:30pm on Wednesday December 28th. We would like everyone to be on site by 11:30am. If you are running late or unable to attend by this time, please call us and let us know.

Sleeping arrangements:

There are two accommodation types at Glenbrook:

  1. Shared Dorm Room: 2-4 people in a room (double beds, single beds and bunks available)
  2. Bunks in Hall: 5 bunk beds available
  3. All bedding is provided but feel free to bring your own if you want.
  4. Note: You may be sharing rooms with people you do not know.
  5. People arriving earliest will have first option on their preference of room. First in first served

Important Info:

We cater for all meals during the camp starting with lunch on Wednesday December 28th and ending with breakfast on Saturday December 31st. Meals consist of:

Traditional continental breakfast buffet with cereal, toast, tea and coffee will be available in the mornings between 7.30 and 9 am. A choice of bread, salads and different fillings will be available to make your own packed lunch to take along for your day activities.

Evening dinners will have a theme including Italian, Moroccan and mixed cuisines to satisfy your taste buds each night.

Hot and cold drinking water and plenty of fresh fruit will be available at all times. BYO alcohol and soft drinks.

Remember to bring cash with you to cover the DPaW fees for our abseiling and caving activities. We are doing at least one cave and doing one day of abseiling.

DPAW Fees:

Caving: $5.80 per cave per person.
Abseiling: $9.00 per site per person.

What to Bring

General equipment:

  • Lunch box and drink bottle to carry your food and water while we’re out adventuring
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Camera
  • USB stick or hard drive if you want to share photos with others
  • Personal clothing, toiletries and bath towel

Activity specific equipment:

Mountain Biking:

We will hire the bikes and helmets on your behalf, or you can bring your own.
You will need to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Closed in footwear
  • Your own personal helmet if you don’t wish to use a hire helmet
  • Plenty of water – a Camelbak type hydration pack is a good idea, or a couple of drink bottles. The hire bikes have bottle holders
  • Backpack to carry your water and snacks


We supply the kayaks, paddles and life jackets.
You will need to bring:

  • Clothes/bathers/wetsuits that can get wet
  • Towel
    Closed in footwear that can get wet – THESE ARE A MUST, we may have to get out of the kayaks from time to time during our paddle and we don’t want any cut feet
  • Plenty of drinking water
  • Dry bags if you have them for storing food,etc


We supply the helmets.
You will need to bring:

  • Headlamp or torch. If you have a handheld torch we suggest putting it on a lanyard so you don’t have to always hold on to it. Headlamps tend to be easier if you have one
  • Plenty of spare batteries – It’s good to carry a spare light source or spare batteries while in the cave, just in case
  • Long pants and long shirt – try to wear clothes that are hard wearing as the rocks can be unforgiving to clothing. If you have a pair of overalls these are even better.
  • Sturdy footwear such as hiking boots.

Abseiling / rock climbing:

We supply the harnesses, helmets, hardware and safety gear.
You will need to bring:

  • Sturdy footwear with good grip such as hiking boots
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Plenty of water

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