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Newletter Issue 6

Dear Fellow Adventurers,

First, let me start by saying Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all our subscribers. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer and have been having lots of fun adventuring; FoA certainly has! From January 3rd to 7th FoA held its annual Margaret River Adventure Dance Camp. A fun time was had by all during all our adventuring activities which included abseiling, kayaking and caving. Markus had everyone out on the dance floor at night, where participants enjoyed a social dance and some lessons. There are photos of the camp on the FoA website if you want to have a look at what we got up to.

Friends of Adventure is starting to get busy as we take advantage of our fantastic summer weather. We have updated our Events page on the FoA website with some upcoming activities. Our next event is a vertical rescue training day at Mountain Quarry, Boya on Saturday February 16th. If you want to improve your abseiling self-rescue skills, have a practice or learn some new skills this is a great opportunity. This day can also be used as log book time and can go towards assessment for the Vertical Rescue unit from the Outdoor Recreation package if you arrange it through us and Fairbridge first. This is event is suitable for people of any skill level that are interested in learning some rope rescue techniques in a natural environment.

Below is a list of all our upcoming events. If you want to come to any of them please reply to this email or use the Contact Us form on the FoA website.

We are currently taking bookings for our Easter Adventure camp, which runs over the Easter weekend from Friday March 29th to Monday April 1st. We camp at a private campsite at the back of Glenbrook cottages and spend our days abseiling, caving and kayaking. This camp is for adventure enthusiasts of any experience level. We only take a small number of people on this camp so get in quick and book through the booking form on the FoA website. I have attached a flyer about the camp to this email for further information. Feel free to pass it on to anyone else you think may be interested. We look forward to seeing you on some of our upcoming events.


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