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This is a random selection of photos from all our events. Hover over an image to see its description.

Looks A Little Bit Tricky ...
Christina's Walk Of Fame
One Step At A Time
Can't This Rope Go Any Faster?
Help, I can't breathe
It's Steeper Than It Looks
Mid air rescue
Belaying is such a hard job
Liset has a Colgate moment
Nik Decending In A Crucificx
Just fly like me. It's easy!
It's For Your Own Good!
Chloe thinks this abseiling thing is bliss
Dad and daughter abseiling
See? No hands required
Markus Belays For Sarah
Look Mom, No Hands
Markus Helps Brent Out Of The Crucifix

Click on any of the pictures above to view it full size in the photo gallery. We hope they inspire you to come and join us some time.