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Calgardup Cave Poo-Shoot Survey

Calgardup Cave is a part of the massive network of limestone caves occurring naturally in the Margaret River region. This is an easily accessible cave with several adventure opportunities. These include publicly accessible walkways, abseiling in through a solution pipe or scrambling through the deeper recesses if accompanied by a registered cave guide.

Following a magnificent 14 km kayaking trip along the Blackwood earlier that day, those not yet exhausted enough responded to Markus’s crazy invitation to go “Night Caving”. Naturally there were plenty of jokes that the caves were darker at night and we couldn’t wait to get to it.

Nik was particularly keen to survey the Poo-Shoot and brought along his trusty tape measure and a flip camera. It was going to be settled once and for all exactly how tight the Poo-Shoot really is. To find out if YOU would fit through you’ll have to watch the video below.

With the survey done a few others had their turn. There is a twisting 2m vertical drop before reaching the tunnel itself. Naomi discovered what a champaigne cork must feel like while trying to squeeze back out of it. Perhaps she just had sore arms from the kayaking but watching her antics helped pass the time for those still waiting. Cave-Cam recorded every contorting moment. One could believe she was auditioning for Cirque Du Soleil as she did a good impression of a human pretzel while trying to escape.

After several hours of hard-core night caving we got back to the camp at about 11:30. Scratched and filthy, I for one was looking forward to a hot shower and crawling into my sleeping bag. But when I ran the hot water all the gas had run out. And darn was that shower cold! Oh well. Just another part of the adventure in an action filled day.

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